Honoring Jack Rohman

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January 31, 2017

Support Me

This Tuesday, 1/31, is the sixth anniversary of Jack’s death.  Our family and friends were part of the supportive community who loved Jack, and Connie, Nora and I.  Your love and support was part of how we survived those early dark days, and lived life since then.

About a year after Jack died, I took up a new pastime- open water swimming.  It is challenging, exciting, and, above all life-affirming for me.

I turn 60 this year.  To mark that, and to honor Jack’s memory, I am going to attempt the Alcatraz swim for a second time.  My cousin, Robin Forestier-Walker, is flying in from Tbilisi, Georgia, to do the swim with me. 

I am hoping to use the swim to raise funds for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one of the foremost groups trying to bring more services, research, and understanding about this issue.  NAMI has been very  supportive to Connie and I.

But if you aren’t able to give for whatever reason, there is another way to support my swim from Alcatraz:  You can do the swim with me!  Let me know, and I can help you get signed up. :)


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