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I have two great loves in my life: my family and my pursuit of three outdoor activities - bicycling, ice climbing, and skiing. Members of my family and I have suffered with  mental illness in various forms, although thankfully my mother was not afflicted. She basically single-handedly raised me and my 5 siblings with a husband that was in and out of hospitals for a significant part of his life. By the time most of her kids became adults, she became a huge advocate for the awareness of the mentally ill and helped start and drive her local chapter of the Alliance for the Mentally Ill (AMI) in PA. 

In college I suffered from an acute psychotic episode that ended up delaying my life ambitions for some time. It did become a blessing in disguise though, because it was a sure fire way to make me realize that I had certain mental limitations.  My focus then turned to athletic ambitions instead, and soon after, my pursuit of bicycling, skiing and ice climbing were seeded deeply into my brain. Those seeds have blossomed to huge proportions, enough to say that those three sports are the love of my life. Combining the three sporting activities and family has brought me to this point of love in my life, enough so to create this annual Catskill Concrete Clue (C3) event.

I want my family, who I love dearly, to have the financial help to help themselves, and what better way than to have a fundraiser for an illness that has touched me and my family directly.

I am looking for partners to take part in my Catskill Concrete Club event and until this year have not had much luck. I am hopeful that through this event I can unearth a handful of special folks that will join me on this year's winter adventure! (Wow, the excitement in writing these words has me feeling all tingly, warm, and fuzzy) OR support the C3 event with any donation to NAMI.

Both NAMI and I appreciate your donation. 

 To register for the C3 event or FMI visit:

Thank you so much for your support!



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