2016 SourceRuns Marathon

A personal campaign sponsored by Jared O'Brien
August 12, 2016

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Donations Received

Dan Boggins donated $10.00 08/13/2016 Yep, its happening again.
Dan Boggins donated $10.00 08/13/2016 Successful bribes.
Anonymous donated $10.00 08/13/2016 Sadly, I slept through the glorious Super 8 run, but regardless, thanks to everyone who took part in this event for going fast and raising money for a good cause.
Dan Boggins donated $5.00 08/13/2016 I mean it about that bribe (for CSGO), here's another one . me and a +1 (Kyran) we've been watching the whole thing. (on YouTube for a long time)
M1 donated $5.00 08/13/2016 Colling I'm not impressed with your runs, so I won't donate. Just donating so you can get this message letting you know. Thanks. Orange snail.
Moothing  donated $5.00 08/13/2016 already donated 5 bucks but i'll put in another, you kids at home gotta step up and donate
Dan Boggins donated $5.00 08/13/2016 5 to colin8seven because he's awesome.
Dan Boggins donated $5.00 08/13/2016 The people have spoken, we need more of that music.
Alexander Svensson donated $5.00 08/13/2016 #yolo ramen noodles :)
Dan Boggins donated $10.00 08/13/2016 Tired of hearing no donations. Here ya go again. FYI This is a blatant bribe to get into the after party with a +1.
Alexander Svensson donated $10.00 08/13/2016 Fitting game

Keep it up :)
Dan Boggins donated $10.00 08/13/2016 Reporting in from the stream!
Piotr Swat donated $15.99 08/13/2016 I'd just like to thank all the runners for making this enjoyable marathon.

PS. You tried Jared (HL2 race)

QwertyuiopThePie • donated $15.00 08/13/2016 The idea of a Portal OoB race interests me. I might as well do my part to see that the goal is met.
Anonymous donated $108.00 08/13/2016 Let's hit that next goal woooooo

Great stream y'all.
Steven Heid donated $5.00 08/13/2016
Joseph Balocca donated $10.00 08/12/2016 Bird Up - Joe Jam and the crew
Anonymous donated $25.00 08/12/2016 Awesome event. Best of luck to the runners!
Goat ALEX donated $5.00 08/12/2016 Donating to bets for weight-watchers. I'm still stuck in this room.
Kess . donated $7.00 08/12/2016

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