A Tribute to Tom Kanczuzewski

A personal campaign sponsored by The Kanczuzewski Family

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Donations Received

Lyrin Kanczuzewski donated $250.00 05/09/2017 Love and miss you! Life is a gift and strive to make our family legacy one of love and hope.
Alan Arduini donated $100.00 12/26/2016
Tyler Kanczuzewski donated $1,000.00 11/13/2016
Lyrin Kanczuzewski donated $500.00 10/30/2016 Beautiful day for the Toms4club! Thanks to all the family and friends who make this outing such an important part of the healing journey! We love you Tom and miss you dearly! Happy Birthday, hope you spent it on a boat, fishing! Keep the Spirit!
Anonymous donated $100.00 10/30/2016
Doug Osthimer donated $250.00 10/29/2016
Anonymous donated $50.00 10/23/2016
Anonymous donated $100.00 10/18/2016 Love you guys! You all are the best.
Leonardo Bumbaca donated $200.00 10/07/2016
Anonymous donated $30,935.00 10/04/2016

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