100 Miles for Mental Health Awareness

A personal campaign sponsored by Erin Willett
November 1, 2016

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Donations Received

Greystone and Co., Inc donated $100.00 01/11/2017
Will Gane donated $37.00 12/04/2016 You are awesome. This is a great cause and see you at Daytona.
Sandra VI made a donation 12/04/2016 Love what you are doing here !! You will be amazing out there on the course ??
Wishing you a great race ?? see you soon
Andrea Watkins made a donation 12/02/2016 I will be cheering you on from afar! Take your time, dig deep, and just be you out there. Thanks for bringing awareness to mental health and the stigma and bias it can carry with it. I'm so honored to know you and I look forward to watching your adventure unfold. 4523
Bobbi Mcintyre donated $100.00 11/30/2016 Thank you for putting your heart into helping the most vulnerable. I'm thrilled to be able to help you meet your goal.
The Hoffstein's donated $250.00 11/30/2016 We are rooting for you and hope you have a great run!
Anonymous donated $40.00 11/30/2016
Tamara Pelc donated $20.00 11/30/2016 You're awesome!!
John Baran donated $100.00 11/29/2016 Have a great outing!
Patrick Hrabos donated $25.00 11/29/2016 Good luck, can't wait to see out there!
Gilbert & Karen donated $50.00 11/28/2016 What an amazing goal, this is such a huge challenge, you will do great!
Anonymous donated $25.00 11/27/2016
JC donated $150.00 11/17/2016 You inspire me!
Anonymous donated $100.00 11/17/2016
Anonymous donated $50.00 11/17/2016 Good luck, Erin!
Alex & Caitlin Waldie donated $100.00 11/16/2016 So proud of you!
Eric Spencer donated $100.00 11/16/2016 Good luck!! I know you're going to rock it!!
Chris Roman donated $100.00 10/31/2016 One step at a time! Go get it!!!!! #breakthestigma
Jennifer Dahl donated $25.00 10/31/2016 Rock this run, girl. Unbelievable what you have accomplished in ultrarunning in such a short amount of time. So inspired by you and so proud of my beautiful friend!!
Erin Willett donated $50.00 10/31/2016

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