Debbie Runs to End the Stigma

A personal campaign sponsored by Debbie Atlas

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Donations Received

Karen Lennon donated $75.00 03/01/2017 So proud and inspired by you, Debbie!
Kiva and Daniel Zytnick donated $20.00 02/26/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/19/2017 You go, girl! Great cause.
Beth Eagle donated $100.00 02/18/2017 Run Debbie Run!

We love you and know you can do it!

Beth, Darryl, Jacob, Mookie, & Frosty
Anonymous donated $35.00 02/15/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 02/14/2017
Ken and Helene donated $36.00 02/13/2017 We are so proud of you.😘
Barbara Eustice made a donation 02/13/2017 Awesome job, Debbie! You are a rock star!
Jeannine Bell made a donation 02/13/2017 You are a ROCK STAR!
Dena and Brett Klein donated $100.00 02/05/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 01/30/2017 Thanks for doing this work, thankful for your friendship and your spirit which fills this world with strength and wisdom!
Anonymous donated $50.00 01/25/2017
Jaime Klima made a donation 01/11/2017 This princess wears running shoes!
Anne Dailey donated $100.00 01/11/2017 Way to go!
Marissa Van Rooy made a donation 01/11/2017 Proud of you for continuing on your running journey since your last race! Wish we were there to watch you cross that finish line!
Johnna Story made a donation 01/10/2017 Wish I could give more. I applaud your courage in speaking out and moving closer to (yet still so far away from) ending the stigma of mental illness.
Nancy MacMillan made a donation 01/05/2017 You've got this, girl! I am sooo proud of you for running and for supporting such a worthy cause. Hopefully someday mental illness will be viewed and treated the same as asthma or diabetes - a condition if properly treated allowing one to live a full, happy and prosperous life.
Amanda Hitchcock donated $25.00 01/05/2017 GO, DEBBIE!
The Millers donated $50.00 12/30/2016 Go Debbie go!

--Dana and Dan
Karen Febeo made a donation 12/30/2016

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