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In loving memory of the Amazing MaryBee donated $25.00 03/27/2017 In support of all who struggle with mental health issues.
Anonymous donated $100.00 03/27/2017 You are an inspiration to all those that need to know that they are not alone and can succeed!
Erin Gudger made a donation 02/11/2017 Kait, as always, I'm so proud of you and I'm here every step of the way cheering on your journey in life. Often when people see success they assume it came easy and without personal sacrifice, but that's not true. You have given so much of yourself for the sake of your business but also for the sake of enriching the lives of others and bringing them joy and support. Your anxiety is part of you but it does not define you. You are a force. Shine on, sweet friend.
Anonymous donated $100.00 02/10/2017
Randee Greenwald made a donation 01/26/2017

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