Honoring Jack Rohman

A personal campaign sponsored by Keith Rohman
January 31, 2017

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David McLane donated $100.00 06/26/2017 Dear Keith: I want to contribute to your Sharkfest Swim for Jack, because there can be no greater loss than that of your child, and the fact you are able to face the pain and do something about it shows what kind of person you are. Congratulations on the Sharkfest Swim and the funds you have raised. Jack, you and your family are in my prayers.

Dave McLane
Christine Farrell donated $50.00 06/13/2017
Anonymous donated $200.00 06/12/2017
Allison Underwood made a donation 06/11/2017
suzanne Elliott donated $250.00 06/10/2017 Lou and I waited until I was sure that you did not get eaten by a shark.
Natman Schaye made a donation 06/10/2017 Congratulations!!! Way to not drown!
Bert Voorhees & Catherine Arias donated $100.00 06/10/2017 Happy to support your cause Keith. When my son Taliessin suffered a psychotic break this past November, materials from NAMI were very helpful to us in understanding the situation, thinking about various strategies for Taliessin's future and in beginning to draft summaries that we would need for the police, treating psychiatrists and the jail system.
Randy Renick made a donation 06/09/2017 Go Keith!
Anonymous donated $50.00 06/07/2017 Congrats Keith!!! So great to see you and good luck on the next swim. :)
Britt-Marie and Craig Johnson made a donation 06/02/2017
Anonymous donated $100.00 06/01/2017
Chris Votoupal donated $50.00 05/31/2017
Anonymous donated $100.00 05/30/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 05/26/2017
Terri Abad Levenfeld donated $100.00 05/25/2017
Anonymous donated $100.00 05/25/2017
Anonymous donated $100.00 05/23/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 05/22/2017
Nicholas Allis donated $100.00 05/22/2017 Good luck Keith. Your son died of a horrible disease and it is wonderful you are keeping his memory alive with this effort. Nick Allis
laurie traktman made a donation 05/20/2017

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