Honoring Jack Rohman

A personal campaign sponsored by Keith Rohman
January 31, 2017 — June 16, 2017

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Donations Received

Marsha Connor and Brad Bescos donated $100.00 04/26/2017
Susan Woolley donated $200.00 04/14/2017
Anonymous donated $36.00 04/11/2017
william Schreiner donated $50.00 04/10/2017 Go Keith!
Anonymous donated $250.00 04/09/2017
Jeffrey Ehrlich made a donation 04/08/2017
Barry and Paula Litt donated $1,000.00 04/07/2017
Edmund Oasa made a donation 04/06/2017
Elenita Torres donated $50.00 04/06/2017
david clohessy donated $100.00 03/29/2017 All our love,
David Clohessy & Laura Barrett
Jennifer Davis donated $100.00 03/29/2017
Anonymous donated $250.00 03/23/2017
Anonymous donated $25.00 03/22/2017
Friends made a donation 03/22/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 03/20/2017 Keith, Connie, and Nora:

We don't get to see you often enough, but we think of you, and of Jack, often.

Clyde and Dianne
Pamela L Hemminger donated $100.00 03/19/2017 All the best.
Cathy Dreyfuss made a donation 03/17/2017 Thank you for doing this, Keith. And thank you for including me in your outreach. Sending much love,
lacey Arizona donated $40.00 03/17/2017 Swim, Keith, swim! There's shark in the waters, but you manage to outpace them. You're an inspiration. Thank you for supporting NAMI. We're happy to help you honor your son. Lacey, Zander, and Max
BACKGROUND INTELLIGENCE, INC. made a donation 03/16/2017 NOTE ON BEHALF OF THE SWIMMERS OF THE WORLD. You can't beat us...no matter what. We have stamina, distance, resilience, fortitude, and a damned determination that just won't quit.

Keith, I'll let you share my lane now!

And, I'll see you at the finish line on your Alcatraz swim. You are an inspiration.

A Great Lakes Racer
Diane Meyers donated $100.00 03/15/2017

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